Luka Brico
Luka Brico
Osijek, Croatia


Commissions are open!

This commission price-list is mainly intended for private individuals and/or personal use. If you're representing a game or a publishing company or if my artwork is meant to be used as promotional work, than the price is subject to change.

If you want full rights over the commissioned artwork (commercial use) then there will be an increase in price

my commission e-mail:

Non-commercial use - Both parties (the artist and the commissioner) Can publish, use and profit off the commissioned artwork however they please.

Commercial use - I will not post the commissioned artwork on my social media before you post it, and I will not directly profit off of the commissioned artwork without your written permission.

A simple background is included in the price (a blurry sky, abstractions, simple gradient etc)

Prices are in USD

Portrait: 300

Torso (hips and above): 400

3/4 (knees and above): 450

Full body: 550

The price can increase if

- there's a lot of details - Any overly dynamic, dramatic or unusual pose -If I'm required to actually design the character myself (no prior visual references of the character)-Any NSFW stuff may further increase the price or be outright rejected

Landscapes/Backgrounds Backgrounds that have a higher tier of complexity are hard to estimate and remain fully negotiable. They might even exceed the price of the original character if a lot of details are required.

The details:

Make sure to first send me these 2 details at the top of your e-mail

Client: (your name here)

Intended purpose: (A quick description of what the artwork will be used for. Examples: personal use, album cover, book cover, game illustration, illustration for a website, etc. Make sure to also include the name of the company/book/band/name that's relevant to the artwork that's being made for it)

Make sure to also include these 2 descriptions:

-Theme and subject of the painting: a description of the required painting. Feel free to write your heart out , the more info I have, the better(but be reasonable)! If you have any visual references I can use, send them my way.

- My work (optional): During my time here on artstation I've tackled quite a few different styles and themes. So if there's a single painting (or few) that made you decide to contact me for a commission, feel free to tell me which one it is! This could further help me figure out what kind of a painting you want exactly!

Payments are upfront, after I make a satisfying sketch for the piece you want (this is negotiable). Additional changes to a painting may be charged. Most of my payments are done through Paypal.

Additional info

-I specialize in fantasy characters, however, I am ready, willing and able to tackle a wide variety of different subjects!

-Most commissions are done within a week (maybe two).

-You will be regularly updated on the progress of your commission!


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